About the Melanoma Risk Assessment Calculator

The Melanoma Risk Assessment Tool is based on a statistical model. The model uses patients' self-reported history and results from a brief physical exam by a health care professional. Data from a case-control study involved 1663 non-Hispanic white patients from clinics in Philadelphia, PA, and San Francisco, CA, were used in developing the model. This model has not been tested in large populations. In other words, the model has not been "validated" for all non-Hispanic whites. Researchers are conducting additional studies and welcome partnerships to validate this tool.

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The Melanoma Risk Assessment Tool may be updated periodically as new data or research becomes available. The system is currently on statistical model version 1 and software version 2.0.

The source code and documentation can be accessed via the GitHub Repository. By downloading, you accept our Terms & Conditions.


  1. Fears TR, Guerry D IV, Pfeiffer RM, et al: Identifying Individuals at High Risk of Melanoma: A Practical Predictor of Absolute RiskJ Clin Oncol 24(22): pp-pp, 2006.
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